Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Congratulations to Our Servers!

In case you didn't know, those who want to participate in our dinner theater as servers still have to audition. Being involved as a server is much more than just bringing out plates of food and keeping everyone's water filled. No, they must also memorize the story line, look over the script MANY times to be comfortable with whats going on, AND be prepared to answer any questions our guests might have for them- IN CHARACTER! Yes, our servers have characters as well. With our first dinner theater last year, our servers weren't just folks being waitresses.... no, they were Castle Servants in Lord and Lady Taylor's magnificent mansion and they were serving guests who had arrived to help celebrate the upcoming wedding of Baron Bartholomew. In that case, then, they needed to become those servants. To transport themselves into their characters, just like the cast. So it is no easy task being a server!

Here's a shout out to those who made it past the auditions and who are looking forward to serving you when you come to 'The Salty Seadog Inn' for a jig with the pirates this time around!

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