Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Play in Progress"

This seems to be our life lately......

Drama has been going well.   It is at the point where things really start pulling together- which is a blast!  We have some crazy wicked bad guys- and girl!- and some great evil accents that go with them.  (OK, the accents aren't that evil, it is just because of the person using it...)  Make sure your calendar is marked off, that you come, and that you invite someone to our Performances!!!!  You know they are going to be a blast.... :wink:
This year we are doing a Melodrama- a dash of drama mixed with lots of humor (and don't forget the hero, heroine, and villains).
(Description of 'melodrama': a dramatic form that does not observe the laws of cause and effect and that exaggerates emotion and emphasizes plot or action at the expense of characterization. Or melodramatic behavior or events.)

We are in the middle of our Fundraiser (Check it out!) and although it isn't taking off as well as I would have liked, (does it ever?!) it is going pretty well.  :)  We are planning on some carpet for our stage and I do believe we will reach that.  Hopefully.....

This year we changed things around and had some of our stage hands take on props completely.  They have been doing a fabulous job with it all!  I am glad I don't have to pay attention to that side of things come Performance days, trying to follow actors on stage alone is hard!

I love looking at all the Thespians and remembering our first play....they all did such a great job, but they have also come such a long, long way from what they were!  It really is a joy to be a part of this, a part of them, a part of their lives.  Of course, they get a good part out of all of it!  (haha!)

I hope you can make it, believe me it will be a fun, enjoyable evening of fun for the whole family!! 

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