Friday, March 29, 2013

Practice Perfect Performance

The excitement is mounting.

The lines are funny.

The time is near.

These are a few descriptions of how drama is going at the moment.  It is at the point that everything is coming together but still lots of rough bumps along the way.  Everyone is getting all the cute meanings in our play and some of the "duhs!" of finally realizing what that means.....  Yes, laughter is a HUGE part of our group!

It is amazing this year to see the "new" thespians; how they are still quiet, nervous about moving on stage, and unsteady in the training for the timing of when they need to go onstage.  What I love the most is the words that come from the older and advanced thespians.

"Yay! That was great!"
"You're doing awesome!"
"Don't worry, you'll feel more comfortable!"

The encouragement is beautiful to see.  It is far easier to mock or make fun of people.  It is much harder to give a word that both encourages and pushes you to your best!

I love this group.  :)  I love the feeling of camaraderie among everyone.  Sure, we aren't perfect.  I am sure feelings go home hurt by careless words, but they all come back better and stronger.

Yup, it is amazing!  Make sure you come see our performance this year!  It is going to be amazing!