Thursday, January 21, 2016

11th Season Here We Come!

We are getting ready to gear up for our 11th season! Woohoo!

This year/season is fairly significant as it is really changing up a few things for our drama group. Last year we did our dinner theater on Valentines day and, while it was fun, we realized we had to make a few changes this year.

Our new schedule that we are hoping to follow annually will be a dinner theater the first weekend in June, and then a regular stage performance the first weekend in November. By having some regularity to our performances, it's easier for people to remember those core details.

If you're interested in acting or helping out with our drama group, please contact us! We'd love to hear from you. Right now we're getting ready for our new season, so it's a perfect time to come check it out.

On Feb. 10th we will begin our 'skill building sessions'. If you want to learn more about acting and how to be successful at it, this is definitely for you. We will be focusing on helping to train our thespians in this art by giving better understanding about some acting basics and beyond.

If you'd like to come audition for the dinner theater, auditions will be held on March 23rd. This is not associated with our skill building, but we do recommend attending the skill building sessions as well. You can never stop learning, right?

If you're interested in either of these segments with ABC Drama or you just want to come help out with behind the scenes stuff, please contact us at We'll then be able to send you a full schedule of the season.

However, if you're interested in just coming and being part of our amazing audiences.... well, circle that first weekend in June for another magical evening out!

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